How did you get involved with Jack and the Beanstalk?

Alex (the director) of City of Light Theatre asked me if I would like to be involved with the panto and if I would like to do the choreography! Obviously, I said yes because I love to choreograph dances and had some great ideas to share with the group. My sister also rehearsed the part of “Jill” but sadly had to drop out because she was offered a job in Cornwall which meant having to move, so I have continued staying involved and helping to add a bit of creativity to the shows numbers.

Why are you excited about the outdoor Easter panto?

I’m really excited for an outdoors Easter panto because it’s something I have never done before! It’s a whole new experience and it will bring people closer together, theatre lovers and not. It’s a great opportunity for all the family to group up and have a picnic while enjoying some entertainment together!

How do you go about creating the choreography for the show?

I have always loved to dance, so sometimes certain moves to come to me naturally. But when I create a dance routine, I usually teach it to someone and ask them to show me it back. Then if I feel it doesn’t look right, I sometimes change it up slightly to fit the music or the person/people dancing to it. I like to use a bit of contemporary and creative dance for most of my dances because I think it adds more emotion and feeling into the dance.

Who is your favourite character in Jack and the Beanstalk?

I really love Dame Tilly Trot! She has so many witty one liners that are so funny and I can’t stop laughing each time I hear them! She addresses the audience all the time which is always great because it gets them more involved in the show. Comedy for all ages. Her relationships with her son Jack and Pat the Cow are exceptionally good, which makes the character more believable in the panto.

Why should people book their tickets to the show?

People should book their tickets because it’s such a different and interesting experience to have an open air panto, sharing a picnic with friends and family and watching an hour long show packed with local talent! It has a lot of slap stick humour, fantastic music including songs that we all can’t help but sing along too, and a wonderful range of characters from the heroic Jack Trott to the Grimy Fleshcreep. Plus it’s fun for all the family!

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Script by Jack Northcott