As the show dates creep up, behind the scenes we’re busy scurrying around polishing, sourcing props, organising transport vans and a million other things that need to be ticked off the list to bring the show to the stage. Here’s some of the things we’re doing to bring the show to the stage.

Lighting and Sound

Not only are some of our performances in the daytime, but also we have a restricted area in which we can store lights, so our technical team have been working hard behind the scenes to design an exciting lighting rig on a small scale for the show. I just know it will look fab. To make the most of this, come along and see the evening performances at Connaught Gardens.

Props and Set

Although the show doesn’t have lots of props and set, the ones we do have are very important! Just things like a beanstalk… no big deal. So we’re finishing the creation of these set pieces and how we’re going to tour the show to Connaught Gardens.


There are now posters up across East Devon and the local area, and social media being put out all over our accounts. There’s not long to go, so we’re encouraging people to book tickets as soon as possible. It’s the perfect family treat, so we’re hoping there will be plenty of people of all ages that will enjoy the show and book tickets.

Book Tickets Here

Book tickets online below or at Sidmouth Info Centre* (01395 516441).

*Please note tickets booked through Sidmouth Info Centre are subject to a 10% booking fee.

Script by Jack Northcott